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    I'm trying to breed the best Pikachu, but I dun know what the best nature would be. I know he's a SA and Speed whore, so I think I should focus somewhere else. Maybe a nature that raises defense, since Pikachu's horrible in that aspect? But then another stat would be lowered... I suppose one that lowered speed growth wouldn't be bad.

    Any advice? I'll be using a Macho Brace and contracting Pokérus from another Pokémon in my PC, btw. Oh, and one last thing; his attacks will be:

    Volt Tackle
    Double Team

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    uuh, TImid, HAsty or Naive would be, since he is made out of crystal, and wouldnt survive to anything even if it has max Hp, max Def., so thats the way to go, may be hidden power instead of thunder or Volt TAckle ?
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    well, Pikachu isn't that great of a Poke...
    but if you can, get a Surfing Pika

    in my opinion, you should only keep Tbolt. Thunder has low accuracy, and there's no use of putting Rain Dance on him because of his low defenses
    Volt Tackle is iffy if you're already gonna have Tbolt, plus it hurts you and you don't need the extra damage...
    it's up to you
    Double Team is alright if you can get lucky
    attract can buy you some turns maybe

    Light Ball, you need that. Then he's decent. If you don't get hit though...
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