I've gathered my best non-uber Pokemon for the Battle Fontier, but I know it's not at its best potential. Some tips would be good.

Blaziken @ Brightpowder
Adamant Nature
~Sky Uppercut
~Aerial Ace

Blaziken has proved very useful with this moveset. The biggest issue is lack of defense. One good ground, psychic, or water attack, and it's out.

Gardevoir @ Twistedspoon
Calm Nature
~Calm Mind

I like Torment for some reason. Useful for those who abuse one move (PROTECT, I'M LOOKING AT YOU). Calm Mind is probably gonna be replaced, though.

Swampert @ Focus Band
Gentle Nature
~Brick Break
~Ice Beam

...Yeah. I'm considering switching Focus Band and Brightpowder (Blaziken's item).

Aggron @ Quick Claw
Sassy Nature
~Iron Tail
~Aerial Ace

NO WEAK EXCEPT ITS SLOW AND SKARMORY MAKES IT A SAD PANDA ROFLLO9LOLOL help me fix this. Also, it has Rock Head for an ability, thus Double-Edge.

Umbreon @ Scope Lens
Timid Nature
~Shadow Ball
~Iron Tail

The results of a failed Sweeping Umby. Toxic + Moonlight is yummy, though. Thinking of getting rid of Iron Tail, but I'm not sure what to give it.

Absol @ King's Rock
Quiet Nature
~Aerial Ace
~Shadow Ball
~HP Rock (good attack power, too)
~Swords Dance

Good, but could be better.

I do have Leftovers, and I'm not sure why none of my Pokemon are holding some. Also, what personalities would be good for the Battle Palace (that's the place where Pokemon fight on their own, right?). I'm pretty sure my Adamant Blaziken shines there, but everyone else keeps failing hardcore.