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Thread: Banette vs. Dusklops?

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    Hey, old-school BMG visitor here logging in for the first time in ages. I recently got back into the games with Emerald, which I started a few days ago. I'd been training a Ralts, but she just isn't cutting it - even as Kirilia (and I don't think she'll have much hope as Gardevoir, either). So, I was considering raising a Ghost-type to replace her.

    Sableye doesn't impress me too much, so I'm left with two options: Banette and Dusclops. My aim is to have the Ghost serve as my Ghost/Psychic/Dark attacker (Emerald seems to be really lacking in these types) with a moveset resembling the following:

    Faint Attack(B) / Pursuit (D)
    Shadow Ball (Banette learns naturally)
    Psychic (TM 29)

    Banette seems to have a much higher Attack than Dusclops, but...I don't know, I want to make a good decision for my team. Any advice?

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    Well, for my personal experience, Banette is more suited for swepping due to high stats in both attacks while Dusclops is a tank. The problem is that Banette is also slow above average, plus its awful defenses can't help it either. In the other side Dusclops is even slower and has just a bit bellow average Attack and Special Attack, but has a huge load of both Defense and Special Defense. I haven't tried to train a Banette before, but I like to use my Dusclops to counter Pokémon with high Attack. So, for your case, I think Banette is more suited for what you are looking, since you won't be able to cause that much damage with Dusclops with "normal" attacks. Hope that this helps a bit.


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