I like icy pokemon and i want to see if anyone has one in their party. I know it is not very common but i t has quite a few good moves and alot of the pokemon are very vesatile my favorite icyz are

5: Jynx,it is ugly and has dismal stats but can be built to be deveastating

4: Piloswine: I like it because it can use earthquake which will take out fire pokemon fast and it is resistant to fire because of the ground type and can take out most of the types that will kill it fast all around a good pokemon. It is also realy cuddly

3: Glalie It is realy realy good but it is scary to look at

2: Dewgong it is extremely predictable and typical but in the right hands, mine it can kill anything.

1: Lapras It is extremely powerful and it can learn some of the most powerful moves in the game like psychic and thunderbolt and ice beam and surf. It has good stats and very high Hp but it has sucky speed but it can make up for that by living long enough to deliver a number of extremely powerful blows. Even its natural move set has quite a few realy tough moves at hand like perish song hydro pump and ice beam. It can learn rain dance which will let it be even more powerful and its only real weakness is thunder (sure grass is good but it can be taken out fast with ice beam). If you can get your hands on a lapras and the right Tms and Hms all enemys will bow to you for you have in your possesion one of the most powerful and versatile pokemon ever!!!