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    > Introduction
    First and foremost, welcome to Bulbagarden forums! We're thrilled to have you here with us. Bulbagarden is a thriving community full of Pokemon fans that houses some of the most diverse Pokemon-related topics, all for fans to discuss. Additionally, we have plentiful off-topic discussion threads to delve into, making Bulbagarden a diverse community for all sorts of fans around the world.

    Outlined below are some very important links that you should as a new member should look at upon joining, as they outline how our community operates:

    • Forum Rules
      The rules of Bulbagarden. These rules are forum-universal and must be followed in every section unless stated otherwise!
    • Check Your Signature
      You may ask our helpful members or staff if your signature is within the limits here.
    • Announcements & Events
      All Bulbagarden recent events and happenings are announced here.
    • Staff Chart
      This page shows all the current forum staff members.

    > What Else Is There To Do?
    Now for the more interesting stuff! Below you'll find links for more "fun" activities around the forum that you might enjoy.

    • Blogs
      If you'd like to talk about your life, recent happenings, vent, or just chat about almost anything in particular, the blogs would be the best place for you. Just remember to stay within the forum rules when blogging! You will need at least ten posts to be able to create a blog.
    • Groups
      Get involved in some social clubs by joining ones you're interested in! These are basically small groups with people who are fans of a particular thing.
    • Arcade
      If you're looking to play some casual games, this is your area! Enjoy a wide range of flash games and do your best to try and beat current players' highscores.
    • IRC Chat
      This is Bulbagarden's official live chat; if you want to converse with our members in real time, stop by here.
    • Oekaki
      This is an awesome and active drawing platform for all of our artists!

    > Explore the Forum!
    For your convenience we've created a brief list of summaries for each of the main Bulbagarden forum sections. Take a look below and find that special section that's just right for you!

    Bulbagarden Welcome Center
    This is the starting pad for all new members on Bulbagarden. Post your introduction in the Garden Grotto board and get to know us! If you're confused about anything, stop by the Help Desk or FAQ boards to get assistance from our helpful members. You'll also find recent forum announcements here as well as the forum rules.

    Current Events
    This forum encompasses all of the latest Pokemon-related discussions. Keep up-to-date with the newest information and discuss it with other members.

    Pokemon Video Games
    As the name implies, this is the forum for all Pokemon video game-related discussions! Converse with other members about the Pokemon video games, which can range from any generation to spinoff discussion. You can also participate in battles with our members through the Battle Center as well as trade using the Trade Station. The Pokemon Video Games section is for all discussions related to the games and wireless communication.

    Pokemon Anime
    Are you interested in the Pokemon anime? If so, this is the forum for you! Participate in a wide range of discussions in regards to the anime, including fun games and in-depth debates about the series.

    Other Pokemon Media
    This is your go-to forum for all discussions related to the Pokemon media, be it trading cards, manga, toys, or other merchandise.

    Pokemon World
    Pokemon World encompasses discussions on Pokemon as a whole, or threads that deal with the entire world of Pokemon rather than an aspect exclusive to the games, anime, and so forth. Additionally, you can use this board to discuss your favorite shippings.

    Writer's Workshop
    This is the perfect forum for anyone with a love for writing and books. If you're looking to share your story, roleplay with other members, or even discuss books, you've come to the right board!

    The Creative Corner
    Do you love creativity? Stop by The Creative Corner for all your design-related needs! This is the place to show off your art gallery, music, and videos. If you've got an eye for cooking, you'll be happy to know that this board also houses a section where you can discuss cooking as well as share recipes with other Bulbagarden members.

    Bulbagarden Game Corner and Large-Scale Forum Games
    If you'd like to play games with our forum members, the Game Corner would be the best place for you. Participate in detailed roleplaying games or, if you'd prefer, simple games that do not require much detail and get to know others who are a part of the community!

    Entertainment, Inc.
    If you're a fan of video games, TV shows, movies, Japanese culture, or other media, Entertainment, Inc. would be the best place to discuss these topics with your fellow members!

    The World Beyond
    This is basically your hub for discussions on various worldly topics as well as a banter and advice board. You can debate, get advice on relationships, discuss news, or just have fun chatting away with our members in Bulbagarden's Conversational Chat thread! Keep in mind that being courteous in debate threads is a must. To be given access to our politics section, Nicoleta's Campaign Bus, you must private message Big Lutz.

    > Meet The Staff
    We at Bulbagarden understand that you as a new user might be intimidated by such a large forum with so many staff members, so the Garden Grotto staff have decided to write up short biographies about ourselves so you can get to know us better! Take a look below; who knows, maybe you have something in common with us? Don't be scared to contact any of the staff members if you find one of us interesting. We'll reply! :)


    Hello! I'm Samwin, one of the Garden Grotto Moderators and have been with the site since 2009. :) I am 20 years old and live in England, United Kingdom. I am currently studying Health and Social Care at college, searching for part time work so I can continue studying! :) I love playing video games, role playing games, fiction writing, animals and food :3 If you ever want to drop me a vm or pm you are welcome to do so :) I always like to chat to people! :D
    Shiny Celebi:

    Hi, I'm Shiny Celebi. Im 26 years old and live in Virginia in the US. I'm unemployed but searching for a job(it's tough) I enjoy playing Video Games, mainly the Pokemon main series but also a few other Nintendo games like Paper Mario and occasionally Zelda, my favorite Pokemon game is Soul Silver, and I really enjoyed revisiting Johto, the region I started with. I also like cats(I have one :D), TV, movies, going online, and other things. Here on Bulba, I am a Moderator for The Garden Grotto and Pokemon Video Games( and Current Event: X and Y) if you need any help here, I'll be happy to help you, feel free to VM or PM me anytime if you need help or want to chat, Im always open :)

    Hello, I'm G50. My username is the shortened version of a username I used to have. I've been with Bulbagarden since January of 2011, but have increased in activity in early 2012 after I had more time to start spending here. I spend quite a lot of time between both the Forums and the Wikis, while consistently being involved in some way. I help with Signature checks for users that need them checked and have questions about them.

    I have quite a few interests. I love to watch sports and have done Martial Arts almost my entire life. I have a few hobbies, writing music, learning about general IRC, Forum, and Wiki technical work, learning languages of Asian origin, and I like to study Entomology.

    I have been very wary of people and interaction in general for quite a long time after several things happened over the past 13 years; however with the help of users and staff alike I have slowly gotten stronger. If at any time you have any question, don't be afraid to leave a Visitor Message or send me a Private Message. I will help in any way I can.
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