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    Default A Lurker Arrives...

    ...To briefly introduce herself and then disappear for a while. XD

    Hi everyone, you can call me Nailrat or Tucker, whatever you prefer. Most people call me Nailrat but yeah. I mainly joined to find people to trade with, though I'm sure I'll find other reasons to stick around soon. I've been playing Pokemon for quite a while, since before Diamond & Pearl, although not as timely as I would have liked. I've played at least one game in every generation thus far. I've also played the first two Ranger games, Colosseum, Gale of Darkness, and the Mystery Dungeon games. Pokemon is that one fandom that never grows old for me, and that I try to keep up with as much as possible.

    My favorite Pokemon are equine, feline, canine and/or avian-based- Rapidash being number one right now. I'm not the most competitive battler but I'm starting to try and learn. ^^

    Outside of Pokemon, Halo is my main game and I play that extremely competitively.

    So yes..that's about all I can think of for here. I'm also extremely shy so I'll probably just lurk most of the time. But if anyone wants my FC for the friend safari, it's on my profile and my type is Flying. I'm always looking for more friends for it~

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    Default Re: A Lurker Arrives...


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    Welcome to the Forums Tucker! :)

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    Welcome to the forums, i also lurked for a while before finally joining today.
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    Hello, Tucker welcome to the forums. We have a trade forum here you should check out if you're interested in trading with others here. You also may want to put your friend code in the Friend Code Sharing thread in Pokemon Video Games and this is a good way to find friends for Friend Safari as well.

    Have a great time here.

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    Welcome @Tucker; to our wonder forums. I'm not a moderator (yet) but I will do any thing in my power to help you with anything, Pokemon-relater or not. Hope you enjoy your time here!!!


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