Loosing my Pokemon Game the best thing to ever happen to me?

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Thread: Loosing my Pokemon Game the best thing to ever happen to me?

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    Default Loosing my Pokemon Game the best thing to ever happen to me?

    (Pokemon wise) lol not really the greatest thing to ever happen to me :P

    anyways i know it sounds stupid but 3 years ago i got back into Pokemon and i loved it then i played soul silver my first ever Pokemon game and it was the greatest game alive i was addicted to it.. then my addiction grew stronger by spending weekends training catching and watching pokemon and listening to it's music non stopp! i loved it, but around a year ago around when the black and white cartoon came out it started to die down alot and eventually i wouldn't even touch the pokemon game or even watch the episodes then i lost my game (Pokemon White) with all my lvl 100's and legends events etcc. i didn't really care but as the time grew my feelings for Pokemon grew stronger again.. i started watching the show again and i kept missing my game and now it's getting back to what it used to be. BUT i still havn't found it, but this arvo im about to search for it in the last place i saw it, my dad's car! i know it will be there i just know it..

    and if i find it im gonna be absolutely happy i have a massive craving for pokemon again and i want to feed it !! badly.

    i know this sounds stupid but im kinda thankful and sadenned about loosing my game, it has helped me get back into pokemon and i will keep finding it because it has my very first Pokemon chikorita <3 it was the only one that wanted to be my friend since i changed school's and nobody seemed to care about me (not anymore) and it means alot to me and if i cant find the game and play with her kicking noobs online i will be very sad :(. that is obviously the sad bit about it but no matter what i will keep finding the game because i will not play another Pokemon game ever until it's found!

    so how did you like my little story :)
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    Default Re: Loosing my Pokemon Game the best thing to ever happen to me?

    Not the sort of thing that goes in the Grotto.


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