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    Hi guys! I'm (also suprised that my username hasn't been taken yet) Selena. I discovered Bulbapedia a week ago and saw today that it had a forum, so I decided to register myself.

    Here are some Pokémon related stuff about me:

    - My first game was Red. However, I haven't played Pokémon since then, and I got Black and Black 2 on my birthday and I got really into Pokémon again.
    - Speaking of those games, I haven't finished either of them yet. I'm still new to all this stuff.
    - Since I haven't really discovered all Pokémon, I can't say I have an absolute favorite. I do like my Zoroark a lot (got it from a friend who gave me some cool Pokémon egg's).
    - My current team on Black consists of Zoroark, Unfezant, Samurott, Emboar, Serperior, Boldore, Palpitoad, Minccino and Gothorita. And I just got my 6th badge.
    - I'm currently watching the original version of the newest Pokémon anime, Best Wishes!.
    - I'm planning on buying Pokémon Y when it comes out.

    Feel free to ask more stuff (Pokémon related or not) about me if you want!

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    Welcome, welcome to these forums! I'm also new myself, but I thought you seemed interesting, so I figured I'd give you a hello. :3

    But wow, you've been out of Pokemon for a long time! That tends to happen from what I've seen though. There's typically some point where a Pokemon fan seems to lose interest and then regains it again later. (Mine was after Generation II, I got my interest back in Generation IV.) You've got a whole lot to learn though, whew! They've added over 500 Pokemon, I believe. But that's all right. It's always fun to learn new things, ain't it?

    And I rather like Zoroark too. I mean, it's a fox, and it has a bitching design. A very nice mane and sort of flow going on. The color scheme's nice too.

    Oh and you're gonna buy Y too? Y is for YAY! Y buddies. :3 I prefered Yveltal's design myself to Xerneas. (Though they're still both awesome.)

    But yeah, I hope you enjoy your re-entry into the Pokemon series and have loads of fun here chatting with people and stuff.

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Welcome to these here forums! I'm also new, but us newbies gotta stick together, right?

    So you're just getting back into Pokemon as well, eh? I played through Ruby version then stopped in the midst of that game. But now I've got White version, and am super excited for X and Y. :3

    The both of us have a lot to learn, as Arylett said with over 600 Pokemon now, and even more with X and Y coming out soon. It's crazy how many of them there are.

    But yesh, glad to have you aboard! See you 'round the forums! :3

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    Hey, it seems you were away from Pokemon a while, yes? Well glad to see you went back to it. Don't worry if you haven't finished your games, I have yet to finish some haha. I also find it hard to pick a favorite Pokemon at times, though I'd say Zoroark is pretty cool. X/Y is out very soon, so it should be lots of fun :)

    If you need any help at all feel free to ask me or another staff member and we'll try to help you out. I hope you enjoy the forums.

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    Default Re: Hi!


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    Welcome to the Forums Selena! :)

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    Finish 'em! Pokemon is worth spending time on. Great to have a big Pokemon fan join us here and I'm sure you're going to have a blast. o: See you around Selena! Oh, and weeelcome!
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