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    I'm a new member, obviously... xD I'm never too great with these introduction topics, as is indicated by my incredibly bland title.

    My name is Emma, but on most forums I go by Envy. I chose this username here because Envy was already taken. The username actually says a lot about me, for those who know what it means. My main interests are music, history, music history, and wind instruments (and their history)... An Aulos is a combination of all four, an ancient woodwind instrument from Ancient Greek culture. There's also the fact that I have a strange fascination with ancient Greek and Latin words, so it also looks and sounds cool as a word to boot. xD

    I'm probably somewhat old, at age 24, almost 25. I have been into Pokemon since Generation I, and when it comes to the games, I have never been able to pry myself from it. Don't worry, I feel absolutely no shame in that. The (mainline) Pokemon series is really the only gaming series that I feel guaranteed to enjoy every single installment. While everybody else complains about the games being the same thing over and over again, I easily love every Pokemon game I play. Even R/S/E, which I have always felt like were the weakest of the series, I found plenty of enjoyment in and would love remakes someday.

    So I'm really looking forward to X/Y. The introduction of fully-fleshed trainer customization officially made my hype blow through the roof. xD

    Anyway, I've probably already made this long-winded enough... That's totally in my nature. So, I will end with a more general introduction of me. As you know if you read the above paragraphs, I love wind instruments. I don't play the Aulos (nor do I think I would really want to, to be honest. xD), the instruments I really play are the bassoon and I am learning the tenor saxophone. I also would love to learn the oboe someday. Those are my three favorite instruments of all. =) Probably my other unmentioned interest is that I love animation, English and Japanese. In fact, to be honest it's all I watch. Yes, at 24. That's right. xD

    I think that'll be enough. If anybody even managed to get this far. =P

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    Default Re: Hey

    Welcome to BMGF, Emma ^_^

    Im excited for trainer customization in X/Y myself, seems like it'll be fun. The games are certainly great how they are, and Ive played nearly all of them.

    Well I hope you'll enjoy it here on this forum, it's very enjoyable and exciting times are arriving soon with X/Y's release. I hope to see you around.

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    Default Re: Hey


    You joined at the right time then as X/Y is only 16 days out from being released

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    Pfff, you're not old! I'm 22 and turning 23 in April. Though I do get what you mean.. I feel old sometimes especially when I take into consideration how many people I'm friends with that are younger than me. :( A lot of fans have been into Pokemon for as long as you so you'll fit in great! Have a lovely time on BMGf and welcome!
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    Default Re: Hey

    Ah, welcome to the forums! I'm new as well & I hope you have a fun time on here. :)
    I read all of that by the way! :'D

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    Default Re: Hey

    Hi there Emma! I can already tell that we share a few things in common already, namely the fascinating with Greek and Latin words! They sound really cool, but then again, I'm into any language that sounds badass. xD Though I'm into more Latin than Greek if you ask me. I want to learn the former at some point.

    And I agree with you on X/Y trainer customization! It's a feature that I think has been long overdue. xD;

    But I hope you like it here around Bulba so far n_n! It's a really lax place, with lots of discussions going around and lots of people to get to know! All in all, it's really fun and you should stick around!

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    Welcome to the Forums Aulos! :)

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    Ah yes, you. I know you!

    Welcome to these forums, even though I haven't been here long. XD I didn't know you were super into Pokemon, but it's so awesome that you are. 'Cause Pokemon is just a great series. This seems like a decent place as far as I can attest to currently, and it's about the Pocket Monsters, so I think you'll have a good time. :3

    Oh and trainer customizing? One of the most awesome things to ever happen. It, along with the introduction of Braixen, are what blew my hype through the roof as well.

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    Hey, Emma! Cute nickname; I love it. (: Welcome to BMG. I hope we satsify your craving for X/Y discussion and that the games themselves satisfy your hunger for new Pokemon games, haha. Enjoy your stay, and if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask me.


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