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    Helloooo!! New to the forum, long-time user of Bulbapedia... My question; How do I make my desired avatar smaller, if it's from the web? I want this gif of Aguilera, could someone kiindly tell me?? Much thanks!

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    Hello MeatBoy, welcome to BMGf :) To make your avatar smaller I know there are websites that allow you to resize images, I think you can find them easily via Google. If you need any more help here, feel free to ask any questions you have or contact me or any other staff member for help. It also is probably a good idea to read up on the rules of the forums and the sections you visit as well. I hope you have a great time here, and Happy Posting.

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    Heya, welcome to Bulbagarden! :D I know a site called Online Image Editor that allows you to resize your avatar, though I can't say for sure how well it works. I've a few friends who use it, though, so try it out! You can always contact me as an alternative and I'd love to try and resize your .gif for you with Adobe ImageReady.

    Anyway, it's great to meet you! <3 About time you joined us on the forum as a long time Bulbapedia user. Hope you have a wonderful time, and as Aqua said, remember to read the rules!
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    Hello and welcome to the Bulbagarden Forums~ I hope you have a fun time posting and if you ever want to chat, drop me a visitor message on my page and I will get back to you.

    Burgundy offered a site that works well for your purpose and if that doesn't work, you could always give Gifmagic a try. The site itself isn't that best but the functions work very well. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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    Default Re: A hello and a question

    Welcome. I hope you have an enjoyable time here.
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    Default Re: A hello and a question

    Welcome to the Forums MeatBoy1994! :)

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    Welcome, hope you have fun!
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