and after so many years...
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    Hello everyone, greetings from Brazil!
    I've been thinking about joining Pokémon forums for quite a while, but I as the generation shifted with many interesting perspectives for the franchise I finally decided that it was about time to share my thoughts with the community. The reason I chose Bulbagarden was because I have learned so munch about Pokémon from Bulbapedia pages over the years, and regularly visited the forums - especially the anime section. Some of you guys are actually well-known to me haha. So joining is my tribute to that.

    and oh, for the first time I'm buying a game console because I just need to have the complete experience that the new games will sure provide. I'm super excited!

    and btw, Water-type rules
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    Hey there, greetings right back at you from New York!

    Yeah, the pedia is really a wonderful resource for us fans. I've been using it for a long time myself. The anime section is really thriving here and shows so many neat sneak peeks that I probably wouldn't see otherwise. :3 You made a good choice joining, have fun during your stay here!

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    Hello LelisM, welcome to BMGf :) Bulbapedia is a great resourse, I use it daily for getting info about Pokemon, it really is wonderful and helps a lot of people. We're glad you decided to join the forums, and this is an exciting time to join with today's announcement of the new game, Pokemon X and Y. I have a 3DS so Im all ready and just have to wait until October, it feels like years away now ;_;

    Water type does rule, Im a fan myself and my favorite new one is Froakie, the new water starter, so cute <3

    I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions about the forums, feel free to ask :)

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    Welcome to the Forums LelisM! :)

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    Default Re: and after so many years...

    Welcome. I hope you have an enjoyable time here.
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    Default Re: and after so many years...

    Welcome to the forums. =]

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    Welcome, hope you have fun!


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