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    Today, I've managed something extraordinary on my Crystal version of Pokémon.

    I've created a glitched Mew (obtained from Pokemon Blue by the Mew Glitch) after putting it in a box with a glitch Pokémon (I guess this part because I can't see the Pokémon).
    Then putted it into my party (it's level somehow has been set to 0, while it's name appears to be "?GREEN?GREEN?GREEN??GREEN?GREEN?GREENXDROCKKT". It freezes when checking it's stats, but somehow you can see it's moves)
    After that, I gave my Mew to the day-care lady. Somehow, the day-care lady says this: "Are we geniuses or what? Want to see your ?GREEN?GREEN?Y*japanesesigns*? Green?Green???Green???????E?x.??????????GR has grown a lot. By level, it's grown by 100 (only the middle of the textblock, the rest is just filled with "GREEN" and "???"). If you want your Pokémon back, it will cost $100. (Yes, seriously just only $100, like if it had gained negative exp as some glitch in Generation I). Oddly, when I got my Mew back, it switched to a Primeape (which I had 5th in party while Mew was 6th) with Pokérus.
    My explanation for this is because of that glitched Pokemon (I have to confirm that I probably cloned some unowns for whatever reason as that box seems to be glitched) and because saving a lot of times while restarting the game several times (maybe it couldn't read Mew's level once?), but I have no explanation why it has changed to a Primeape (which also somehow seems to have different attacks as my original Primeape).
    The explanation for the PokéRus may be that the glitched Pokemon had it (I doubt my Mew suddenly appears to have it as I'm sure I would have noticed that) or the bellsprout which I've tended to use to be able to get into that box again (as catching a wild pokemon which will be send into the box seems to "fix" the problem of crashing. Somehow the boxes still have an very odd amount value (57/20), while Bellsprout suddenly is lvl 57 which I've catched it near Violet City).

    To be sure this wasn't just a matter of luck I've done the same trick also with Bellsprout, which appeared to have Pokérus also (so I can't tell if it this is just 1 of a million luck that I caught a wild pokemon with Pokérus or actually because of the glitched Pokémon).
    I also brought it to the Pokémon Center to heal, which seemed to fix the problem that I wasn't able to see it's stats (it crashes when I did so) and had another odd side-effect, the sprite of the trainer actually is being used while battling wild Pokémon (like if your fighting them yourself). For some side information, healing at a Pokémon Center won't cure you from Pokérus.

    After receiving some experience to Bellsprout, it seems it was at lvl 0 also (not lvl 57 which it actually states), as it levels up to 1.

    For some screenshot of this event, here they are (too bad I wasn't thinking about making screenshots before putting my Mew to the day-care lady). Sorry for the poor quality of the images, couldn't make any better.










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