We need a weekly poll!
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Thread: We need a weekly poll!

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    Question We need a weekly poll!

    I sometimes go to Bulbapedia to search up things, and i see no weekly poll! It's really weird because almost every other Wiki on NIWA has a weekly poll. I think he should take a lesson from these guys.

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    We are an information database. We want people to contribute constructively to the wiki; this isn't supposed to be playtime. I see a poll as frivolous extras that have no bearing on the informative purpose we should uphold.

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    Default Re: We need a weekly poll!

    allow me to respond with a less aggressive comment.

    we have a lot of other projects ongoing right now,
    so a weekly poll just isnt something we need right now.

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    Default Re: We need a weekly poll!

    Would this be a poll about people's opinions on something to do with Pokémon? If so, there are many polls and discussions about the series on the Bulbagarden forums. No sense duplicating it.


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