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Thread: unsure how to post on bulbapedia

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    Default unsure how to post on bulbapedia

    i don't care about me editing this post as long as it does get updated. The Audino is listed as having the base stats of:

    HP: 103
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 86
    Sp. Atk: 60
    Sp. Def: 86
    Speed: 50

    Howver, I just caught one at level 4 with these stats:

    HP: 22
    Attack: 9
    Defense: 12
    Sp. Atk: 10
    Sp. Def: 12
    Speed: 8

    just getting it out there in case this needs to be changed at all

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    Default Re: unsure how to post on bulbapedia

    Base stats are different from actual stats. Base stats determine the Pokémon's stats in combination with other factors such as individual values, level, effort values, nature, whether the stat is HP or not, etc.

    Notice how your Audino's stats, aside from HP which is calculated differently, are relative to each other in the same way as its base stats. This does not necessarily mean that all level 4 Audino will have these exact stats, though.

    (Also, even though you already have an Audino, it may be worth your time to find some more because the more Audino you fight, the more your Pokémon's HP goes up (see effort values) and Audino give a ton of experience.)


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