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    Good Afternoon, Bulbagarden. I know I registered recently, the same day as this post, to be exact. However, this is not the reason of this thread. I am a member of Smogon University, and I go under the same username there. On permission of Contributions And Corrections staff member Seven Deadly Sins, I came here to add a recent addition to Smogon's main site, Generation Five Analyses. I looked at the pages, and quickly identified where on the pages the Smogon link was kept. However, on attempt to edit, I discovered that the link was not on the edit page, both by looking manually, and using Ctrl+F "smogon" "external links" and other keywords. Then, I found "pokefordex=bulbasaur." I assumed that was what I needed to edit. But then I saw "|" after it. I know basic wiki code, which means nothing related comes next, if I remember correctly. I looked through some pages, trying to figure out what "pokefordex=bulbasaur" exactly was and how to edit it. I found nothing, looking at both Protected Pages/Templates, and the search bar. I'd like to know how to do it, so I can get to work on it on Sunday, unless someone beats me to it. Could I have help?

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    The "pokefordex" parameter is simply used as the Pokemon name in the link. The rest of the Smogon links are hardcoded in the PokémonInfobox template, which is one of the things the pokefordex parameter's for. Since the template's protected, it'll have to be a Bulbapedia staff member that changes them. I'll have a look into it and get back to you.

    Edit: Okay, I've found where the links are. They're not actually in the infobox template itself, but a series of five templates which are included in the infobox template.

    Edit 2: The external links have been updated. They should start appearing on the pages as their cache is updated.
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    Thank you, Werdnae.


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