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    Default Safari Zone mechanics

    I noticed that the mechanics of the Safari Zone is not detailed in BP, and according to other sites, it differs significantly from generation to generation. All Safari Zones involve catching full-health Pokémon with Great Ball-strength balls with a modified catch rate. There is also an escape rate, and baiting and rocking will (most likely) increase both or decrease both. The details vary, but the point is that there isn't a particularly good place to put the info. (Most notably, the G1 Safari Zone and the G3 FRLG Safari Zone are the same place, and work differently; but I don't want to also duplicate the G3 RSE Safari Zone's mechanics on the latter page.)

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Safari Zone mechanics

    List the mechanics for each Safari Zone on the respective Zone's page. So for Kanto you would need to have subsections for Generation I and Generation III to list the different information. If FRLGKanto and RSEHoenn have the same mechanics, then we'd need to list the information twice.

    This seems the most logical way for me, even though the information is duplicated on two different pages. If someone is in the <REGION> Safari Zone, then they're going to open the article for that Safari Zone and want all the information there.
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