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    Default Regarding EP081 in Season One

    I have a problem I'd like to bring up.

    Yesterday, I made a thread concerning why EP081 was put in Season One and Not in Season Two on Bulbapedia.

    Why Isn't EP081 Included in Season Two?

    Almost everyone seemed to agree that EP081 belonged in "Orange Islands". not "Indigo League". However, after editing the pages to reflect this change, a user by the name of FinnishPokéFan92 immediately undid my revisions with the following claims:
    "Please, stop this! This isn't about your opinions or some other site's opinions! This is about the information that Bulbapedia has deemed correct, and that's definitely correct enough!"
    "It is officially a part of Season 1."
    "Please, stop this, NOW!!"

    Then, ArcToraphim disabled my editing and reverted my changes.

    I highly urge the Bulbapedia staff to review this error and please fix it! It's obvious EP081 doesn't belong in "Indigo League".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Force Fire View Post
    I see but I find it hardly fair to make a decision by just six votes. Couldn't we hold another consensus, this time on the forum, to decide this?


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