As part of an effort to bring more MD info to Bulbapedia, I think there should be an article on range types and target types as they apply to MD (as opposed to a main series triple battle). The two together determine what text appears in the game itself. A few things first: I do have a summary, but not a title for this information.

For the record, the range types and relevant notes are:
* Front - unless the user has Ghost mobility, it cannot attack targets in walls.
* Front 2 (two spaces in front) - Typically given to what would be priority attacks in the main series. Allies (and non-foes in general, such as Kecleon shopkeepers, the Pokémon being rescued, etc) in front are never hit if trying to hit a foe on the second space. Can cut corners. Cannot target a foe that's separated from the user by a wall unless the user can move into a wall.
* Front 3 (the foe in front, as well as the foes immediately clockwise and counterclockwise around the user) - Targets are hit in counterclockwise order.
* Area (one space around the user) - Target are hit in counterclockwise order, starting with the target in front.
* Room - Despite the name, it includes the wall tiles on the edge. If used outside a room, it is the same as Area. Targets are hit in the following order wherever possible: allies, foes, and user.
* Line (up to 10 tiles away in a line) - Can cut corners. Walls always block an attack unless the user can move into walls. Does not affect non-foes (Kecleon shopkeepers, Pokémon awaiting rescue), but non-foes will stop attacks.
* Floor - Targets are always hit in the following order: allies, foes, and user.
* User - Some attacks that are labeled by the game as "Pokémon on floor" are in this category. Examples include Sandstorm and Mud Sport.
* Front + Corner - Same as "Front", but cuts corners". In MD1, not affected by Nontraitor if the Pokémon is Confused, Cowering, or Blinker.

* Foes
* User and allies
* User
* User, then foe - two-turn attacks. The user inflicts a status on itself (such as Skull Bash or SolarBeam), then attacks the following turn.
* Everyone except user
* Allies only
* Anyone

It's to be noted that status conditions (Blinker, Cross-Eyed, Eyedrop) do not affect the ranges of moves, though Blinker (also Confused and Cowering) will treat allies as foes.