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    Default Quotes for N

    N's page has no quotes, and the 'Pedia's locked to all non-staff members for editing, so I figured I could post N's quotes here as I get them, so that the staff could add them.

    Well, here's N's quotes up to Nacrene City.

    At Accumula Town:
    "Your Pokémon... Just now, it was saying..."

    "Yes, they're talking. Oh. Then, you two can't hear it, either... How sad. My name is N."

    "The Pokédex, eh? So... You're going to confine many, many Pokémon in Poké Balls for that, then. I'm a Trainer, too, but I can't help wondering... Are Pokémon really happy that way?"

    "Well, <player>, is it? Let me hear your Pokémon's voice again!"

    After Purrloin takes a hit:
    "More! Let me hear the voice of your Pokémon!"

    After being defeated:
    "I never expected to hear Pokémon say such things..."

    After the battle:
    "As long as Pokémon are confined in Poké Balls...Pokémon will never become perfect beings. I have to change the world for Pokémon, because they're my friends."

    At Nacrene City:
    "I... want to see things no one can see. The truths of Pokémon inside Poké Balls. The ideals of how Trainers should be. And a future where Pokémon have become perfect... Do you feel the same?"

    If YES is selected:

    "That so? I think my friends and I should test you to see if you can see this future, too."

    After being defeated:
    "I cannot see the future yet... The world is still to be determined..."

    After battle:
    "Right now, my friends aren't strong enough to save all Pokémon. Maybe I can't solve the equation that will change the world. So, I need power... Power enough to make anyone agree with me.

    Now I know what power I need. Zekrom!(B)/Reshiram!(W) The legendary Pokémon that, along with the hero, created the Unova region. It's my turn to become that hero-- and you and I will be friends!"

    More to come. Anyone else can feel free to submit.
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    Default Re: Quotes for N

    What N says between the last battle with him and the battle with Ghetsis:

    N: ... ...
    (N's dragon) and I were beaten.
    Your ideals... Your feelings... They were stronger than mine, it seems...
    N: (player's dragon) and (N's dragon)...
    Each of them chose a different hero... is that even possible?
    Two heroes living at the same time-- one that pursues ideals and one that pursues truth. Could...could they both be right?
    I don't know.
    It's not by rejecting different ideas, but by accepting different ideas that the world creates a chemical reaction.
    This is truly the formula for changing the world.

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    Default Re: Quotes for N

    Well, I've transcribed the dialogue from N's Castle from when Ghetsis confronts you in front of the throne room. I've included other people's dialogue for context reasons, but here's what I have.

    This applies to Pokémon White. Terminology such as the Dark Stone and Reshiram/Zekrom (and possibly "ideals"/"truth") may be different for Black Version.

    If I could suggest, this thread should be for important NPCs as a whole, rather than exclusively N.


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