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    Pumpkin Probelms? Come Here

    Ever gotten stuck in the pokemon games, and gotten really frustrated? Several of mine:

    Trying to get RayQuaza the second time in emerald
    Beating Most gyms in my first silver play through. (I was 6 when I got it)
    Going the Casteila sewers in White 2(got thorugh it.. Eventually.)
    Trying to get to Nimbasa in White 2(Didn't realize that Join Avenue was the way to go LOL)
    Trying to get the Regis in Emerald
    And Trying to beat Elesa in White 2 (Had to train a sandile to beat her cause I Picked Oshawott)

    Give where you are/ was stuck, and Maybe We can Help.

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    Default Re: Probelms? Come Here

    This has nothing to do with the Bulbawikis. You're looking for the video games forum, probably the simple questions, simple answers thread.
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