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    There once was a time when cities and towns articles had a section called "In other languages" where the city or town will be listed in other languages with their localized name. Nowadays, the section has grown to include a table with the city/town in a different language and a dissection of the name, with the inclusion of the English naming as well.

    In a nutshell, some users disagree with the naming of the section "In other languages" because it is no long "other languages". They suggested that "Names" was a better name for the section.

    What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Another name?

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    We already have this going on on the project talk page. I see no reason why you thought of posting it here. You seem to have completely ignored what I said on the matter. Thanks for that, I appreciate it.

    I disagree with the "Names" section. It is misleading to the content it includes, and is honestly a ugly section title. I think something along the lines of "Name origin" would be more appropriate. I do agree that "In other languages" should not be used because of the inclusion of Japanese and English, but we need to consider why the Japanese and English names are in there in the first place: to explain what their names mean--the name origin, if you will. That's why I think they should be changed this way, and maybe even on the character pages as well.


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