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    Default Moisture intake for Berries in G4

    I'm not sure if PDW works "mostly the same", so I'll limit this to G4.

    Bulbapedia is missing information about the moisture intake for each berry plant. Each plant in G4 has a soil moisture rating that begins at 100 when it is planted or watered, and goes down every hour (until it is fully grown) by a base moisture intake rating depending on the plant (so a Razz Berry might grow fast but it also sucks moisture like crazy with an intake rating of 35). Damp Mulch reduces moisture intake by 50% while Growth Much raises it by 50%. If a moisture intake cycle hits while the moisture rating is 0, the berry yield of the plant is reduced by 1, down to a minimum of 2.

    If the moisture rating falls below 50, the soil will appear in a medium shade, while if the moisture rating hits 0, the soil will appear light.

    Also missing from the berry pages is the length of time a fully-grown plant will remain before it withers. This is 4 hours (6 hours with Stable Mulch) for every unit of growth (unit of growth = number of hours needed for a plant to grow by one stage).

    Another thing that should be noted (but I don't know where) is the fact that after withering, the plant will return to the "sprouted" stage. A regular plant will do this up to 9 times (14 with Gooey Mulch).

    Moisture rates are as follows:
    "Basic Berries" - 15
    Lum - 8
    Sitrus - 7
    "Confusion Berries" - 10
    "Basic Poffin Berries" - 35
    "EV Berries" - 8
    "Medium Poffin Berries" - 10
    "Advanced Poffin Berries" - 8
    "Type Berries" - 6
    "Pinch Berries" - 4
    "Rare Berries" - 7

    For better service, you could also calculate the minimum number of times that the plant needs to be watered (and how long between waterings) so as to maintain maximum yield. (This is important as most higher-end berries won't last a full growth stage without losing a berry or watering.)
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