I've been in the process of expanding the data structure articles with a bit more content. However, it does bring up whether we should add the content stored therein into the articles proper. For example, take Pokémon Emerald. It contains a master list of about 880 opposing Pokémon, the first 300 are used for most Battle Frontier facilities (the rest are exclusive to the Battle Factory). There are separate lists of opposing Pokemon for each of the Battle Tents (70 for Slateport, 45 for the other two) with the same data structure.

The lists themselves are available on UPC, but the structures themselves are undocumented. I feel that an article on the data structure is certainly warranted, but should we actually have articles/subsections/etc. for the information contained in these master lists, and if so, how should they be presented? This is a massive coordinated effort if this is warranted.