Just discovered a cheat for gen 2.
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Thread: Just discovered a cheat for gen 2.

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    Default Just discovered a cheat for gen 2.

    I'm not sure if this is already on Bulbapedia (I had a brief look) nor do I know where to add it (Pokemon Stadium 2 page maybe?).

    I just discovered a cheat for gen 2 that lets you obtain additional Pokemon before Poke Balls are available and before fighting ???. It requires 2 games, Pokemon Stadium 2 and 2 Transfer Paks.
    I'm not sure if this works before obtaining the Pokedex (Only thought of trying it after I got the Pokedex)

    Step 1: Save in the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center
    Step 2: Put the game and another game into Transfer Paks and start up PS2
    Step 3: Trade your starter Pokemon for anything you like from the other game (eg a level 100 Mewtwo to completely obliterate ???'s Pokemon)
    Optional a: Make sure the Pokemon you are receiving is holding a Poke Ball, you can use the Ball to catch another Pokemon.
    Optional b: Trade both your Pokemon for 2 more Pokemon holding Balls, catch more Pokemon and repeat untill you have the team you desire.

    Enjoy bringing 6 level 100 legendaries or whatever Pokemon team you feel like to the fight against ???

    I used this trick to trade my Chikorita for my level 6 Shiny Pikachu from my other game and beat ???'s Cyndaquil easily with Surf.

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    Default Re: Just discovered a cheat for gen 2.

    So essentially, trading in high-level stuff early in the game makes it easier (although you are ignoring disobedience). That's really not worthwhile noting.


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