BULBAPEDIA: How to delete Bulbapedia/Bulbanews account?

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Thread: How to delete Bulbapedia/Bulbanews account?

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    Default How to delete Bulbapedia/Bulbanews account?

    There's probably a thread/sticky/post explaining this, but don't yell at me that there is, because I searched for 10 minutes for it and found nothing even remotely similar. So, I did the newbie thing to do and simply made a thread about it. So, could someone do me a big favor and tell me how to delete my Bulbapedia account? Would I have to delete Bulbanews as well (or are they the same thing)? I don't recall having to make a new one for Bulbanews.
    And if one cannot delete their account, then, well... make the option happen, Bulbapedia.
    Thank you to anyone who may help me.

    EDIT: Just read the forum intro post explaining that this question should go in the Bulbapedia thread. Oops. Since I can't delete this, a mod who views could either help me out and then lock/delete the thread, or just do the latter and point me to that forum. Either is appreciated I guess.
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    Default Re: How to delete Bulbapedia/Bulbanews account?

    Hi I WannaBeTheVeryBest;

    Wiki accounts can't, and will never, be deleted (because this would make article histories very messy). If you want to discontinue using the account, simply don't use it.

    Hope that helped.
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