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    I'm so frustrated with how my edit got erased, I'm coming here for assistance. It concerns the English Dub voice actor for the Kalos Pokédex.

    I know for a fact it's Suzy Myers. She's done characters like Sena from Tai Chi Chasers and Anna Kaboom from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and if you compare the Kalos Pokédex to these characters, you would see how obvious the similarities are.

    Also, Suzy Myers has been credited in every episode from Episode 3 onward, and with no other characters, or the same Pokémon who could be possibly voiced by Myers, appearing in every consecutive episode up to this moment, this means only one thing. Suzy Myers definitely voices the Kalos Pokédex.

    However, when I made the edit, it was erased for the reason "We don't play things by ear.".

    First of all, I've seen people play things by ear before, such as when Kerry Williams played Katharine. Second, how do you expect to confirm it? Suzy Myers doesn't have a public Facebook or Twitter from what I can see, so do you intend to just never put a name to the voice?

    I would seriously like someone to allow me to credit Suzy Myers, since I am 100% sure it's her.
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    Default Re: Help Crediting a Voice Actor

    We stopped playing by ear ages ago. People hear different things, so now adding voices are required to have an official source. With Kerry Williams, various official sources announced Kerry's return to Pokemon.

    One suggestion would be messaging Tom Wayland on Twitter. He's pretty friendly, and tends to answer promptly. But always make sure to see if the actor/actress has a resume or filmography on their site first before asking Tom.


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