This post does contain some Pokemon X and Y aftergame spoilers. I'm new so I'm not sure it there's a proper way of warning people of spoilers so for the time being this shall have to do.

Upon completing the missions in the Looker Bureau, two things struck me: the awesome name for the first chapter and the bit, not sure which bit exactly, where it is stated that Looker used to have a pokemon but not any more, It didn't make it back from a mission. Anyone who's played through Stark Mountain in Pokemon Platinum knows that in at that point, Looker had a croagunk but the thing that puzzles me is what exactly happened to it? I'm sure someone somewhere has a theory about it and I hope they find this but what I do ask is that the fact that Looker 'lost' his croagunk is added to his Bulbapedia page in the appropriate location.

Thank you.