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    Default Facts about Pokemon cries.

    On the cries page on Bulbapedia, it is stated that in gen I, only 37 unique cries were in the games, and in gen II, 30 new ones were introduced.
    Now, of course, some of the cries that are similar are really obvious pitch changes, or being cut off/extended, etc.
    Some just use different layers while disabling other layers.
    This is all stated in said page.
    Now the thing I'm kinda interested in knowing, is, of anyone knows all of these similar cries that aren't that obvious at first, and which ones are unique.
    Like, I've noticed Moltres uses Raichu's cry, albeit using different layers (and iirc another pokemon used Raichu's cry /w different layers, but I can't remember anymore).
    EDIT: Nidoking, apparently.

    So whoever is interested in this, care to share some info?
    With the info, a list detailing all these differences/similarities could be made on that page.

    Also, dunno if this this should be posted here, this place was my best guess, so yeah, apologies if this isn't the right place =X.
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