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Thread: Expanding articles based on personal experience

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    Question Expanding articles based on personal experience

    Back in the late 1990s, I was an active member of a few Pokemon fan sites that have since gone belly up or shrunk. (like Poke Abode and UPN) I was skimming through Bulbapedia and noticed that the articles about them are tiny stubs. Would it be possible for me to update those articles about what these sites were about, using the knowledge from my experiences there? Or do I have to scavenge search engines looking for the tiniest remaining archives of those old sites?

    I really want to document the Gen I- II era Pokemon fan communities.

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    Default Re: Expanding articles based on personal experience

    Please feel free to update those from your own experiences. If you do have references, please use them, but we know that a lot of the info from those days is gone and lost, and that it's only going to remain in the heads of those who were a part of those communities at the time.
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