Missing in the main game infoboxes are the base escape rates in the Safari Zone of G4 games (I'm not sure if previous Safari Zones work on the same principle).

Just a background thing: Pokémon appearing in the Safari Zone has a base escape rate (the game generates a number between 0 and 254 to determine if a Pokémon flees; if it is less than or equal to the escape rate the Pokémon flees). This and catch rate can be modified by throwing bait/mud (it works on the same scale as ordinary stat changes: -6 to +6). Throwing bait gives -1 to escape but has a 90% chance of also giving -1 to catch, while throwing mud gives +1 to catch but has a 90% chance of giving +1 to escape.

Because of this, the base escape rate should be added, but modifiers should also be taken into account. eg. Shinx has an escape rate of 120 (so 121/255 chance of escaping), but -6 escape would cut it down to 30 (31/255 chance of escaping), and a +3 escape (300) would guarantee escape unless caught.

Similarly, catch rates should also be changed to give probabilities under modifiers. For example, Beldum would be at 0.6% (Great Ball strength at full health) without any modifiers, but a +6 in catch rate would make it 2.4%.