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    Default Egg moves

    I recently found a comment on a move's talk page about how one of the Pokémon was incorrectly labelled as requiring chain breeding. When I fixed it, I noticed that several other Pokémon had missing fathers. Then I started going through various egg moves for various Pokémon, and I was surprised to see the state that our egg moves are in. It seems that move pages generally have the right idea, only listing the most direct fathers (so those that learn it via level up, but not their evolutions unless they too learn it via level up). However, Pokémon pages usually list the evolutions of Pokémon that learn it via level up as well. However, the move pages are not perfect either; I have found that most are missing potential fathers.

    Not only that, but we have another inconsistency: Basculin, Shellos and Gastrodon are listed twice on breeding lists on Pokémon pages, but only once on move pages. I feel that since their movesets do not vary, listing them twice is redundant.

    The general pattern is that Pokémon pages list too many fathers, while move pages list too few. This must be fixed.

    I suggest that we check every single egg move list. We cannot continue to have these inconsistencies and errors on our lists. Now, obviously this is no simple task, and requires a lot of people and a lot of time to do. Which is why I'm posting it here. We need each person to say, pick all moves starting with A and check all their egg move lists, and try and do them all in a month. Not only that, but we need to check each of the Pokémon generational learnlist subpages too (with the obvious exception of Gen I).

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    Default Re: Egg moves

    *blank stare* /Most/ move pages are missing potential fathers? After the move pages were updated with the new templates, I spent a while (weeks?) pruning and clipping the all move-page breeding tables for them to be as effective as possible, as well as making sure all the fathers that could be were on there. I'd like to think I didn't waste my time if I missed some. Unless you're talking about parents that learn by TM, and that I can explain for Gens II-IV. The approach was with those who don't use TMs. Breed through level-up first. If you can't get that, chain breed. If the only way is through TM, that's the last resort. There is no mix of level-up+TM, because that's not fair.

    This is why I suggested somewhere that we add the egg groups to those tables (breeding and level-up, maybe even the TM tables), like Vee-kun does. It's incredibly helpful, especially for breeders (especially for /me/ when I was going through the pages), so when the /next/ generation comes around, we don't waste time with having to open five, ten tabs just to double-check the egg group for the breed table when it's right there on the level-up table. Because we had quite a few missing Gen V breed tables before the update. That was sort of hell. There were also parents that were pretty screwed up, too, but those were thankfully rarer.
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