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    I was doing some breeding and...Pancham and Machop have Quick Guard as an egg move. Was attempting to begin chain breeding the elemental punches through Pancham...it didnt work so now we know that Pancham is no help there!

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    For the Mega Evolution article, I know Venusaur's Mega Stone is Venusaurite while Ampharos's Ampharosite.

    Ampharosite is given by an old man on one of the islands at Azure Bay near the entrance way to Sea Spirit's Den.

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    Pokemon Y

    Moltres can be found in the wild. Encountered on Route 18. I've defeated the Elite Four but I do not know if that's a prerequisite. Moltres ran from battle immediately, however I didn't even get a single turn. It changes routes and can be tracked through the Pokedex much like Entei, Raikou, and Suicune from Gen II. As of yet, have not captured, though have encountered once more. It ran from battle just like first encounter. Capture method unknown.

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    Pokemon Y

    Encountered Moltres on Route 18. Have defeated Elite Four but do not know if prerequisite. Moltres ran from battle immediately without allowing a turn, however can be tracked like Entei, Raikou, and Suicune from Gen. II using Pokedex. Seems to follow similar pattern of behavior. Have encountered one additional time since, same results. Capture method unknown.

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    Oddish, Espurr, Sentret, Nincada, Honedge and Kecleon can all be found on Route 6

    One Snorlax, Flabébé, Illumise, Volbeat, Swirlix, Smeargle and Hoppip (Horde Battles) can be found on Route 7

    Meditite, Zubat, Axew and Whismur can be found in Zubat Roost

    Tauros, Pachirisu, Chatot, Slowpoke, Exeggcute and Mareep (Horde Battles) can be found on Route 12

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    I'm not sure if it has already been pointed out or not, but the Bulba wiki page says you can only get Zoroark via trading in X/Y, which isn't true as I and from a quick search, several others on the net have found it in the wild and the Dex confirms this - it can be found in Pokemon Village and Route 20 - the Winding Woods.

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    ghost type pokemon are now immune to abilities like shadow tag, arena trap, and magnet pull. any ability that prevents pokemon from fleeing and/or switching out do not work on ghost types. at least that's what an NPC in Couriway Town says.

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    I've raised a Mawile from lv. 1 (it is now level 85 and I assume it does not learn anything more)
    Uncertain of Egg moves/starting moves but its learned moves are identical to Gen V except it learns Rough Play at level 60.

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    In friend safari I found Espurr's hidden ability. It is Own-Tempo.

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    Gathered from my Y playthrough, not sure on X
    Name - Type - Ability - Stone

    Mega Blaziken - Fire/Fighting - Speed Boost - Blazikenite
    Mega Venusaur - Grass/Poison -Thick Fat - Venusaurite
    Mega Gengar - Ghost/Poison - Shadow Tag - Gengarite
    Mega Kangaskhan - Normal - Parental Bond- Kangaskhanite
    Mega Aggron - Steel - Filter - Aggronite
    Mega Mewtwo Y - Psychic - Insomnia - Mewtwonite Y
    Mega Abomasnow - Grass/Ice - Snow Warning - Abomasite
    Mega Mawile - Steel/Fairy - Huge Power - Mawilite
    Mega Lucario - Fight/Steel - Adaptability - Lucarionite
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    I have made the following recordings thus far.

    Braixen (Currently at level 60)
    41 Flamethrower
    45 will-o-wisp
    48 psychic
    53 trick room
    55 fire blast

    Did not learn Delphox' signature move when canceling evolution.

    jolteon (Currently at level 53)
    25 pin missile
    29 agility
    33 thunder wave
    37 discharge
    41 last resort
    45 thunder

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    Anime Edits that I request to be made:

    An Inkay appears in XY003 and XY004, most probably being caught
    Jessie, James and Meowth appear in XY003

    To be added to pokémon pages:
    Froakie: Ash's Froakie
    Bunnelby: Clemont's Bunnelby
    Dedenne: Debuted in XY001, Bonnie's Dedenne (Later),
    Meowstic: Debuted in XY001
    Scatterbug: Debuted in XY001
    Flabébé: Debuted in XY001
    Swirlix: Debuted in XY001
    Furfrou: Debuted in XY001
    Spewpa: Debuted in XY001
    Pangoro: Debuted in XY001
    Spritzee: Two debuted in XY001
    Mega Blaziken: Two debuted; one in XY001 and reappeared in XY002, the other in XY002
    Mega Garchomp: Sycamore's Assistant's, XY002.
    Chespin: Debutes in XY003
    Fennekin: Debutes in XY003, Serena chooses as starter
    Vivillon: Viola's Vivillon debutes in XY005

    I think Alexa's Helioptile has been seen enough to receive its own page. A Helioptile also appeared in XY002

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    Pokémon X Pokédex Entry: It mimics the cries of other Pokémon to trick them into thinking it's one of them. This way they won't attack it.

    Location: 12

    Coastal Kalos Pokédex number: 138

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    I'm blanking on what the item is, but there's an item on Route 8 that you get by walking through the very narrow alley along the right wall of Ambrette Town's Pokemon Center.

    Items in Cyllage City (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cyllage_City):

    Destiny Knot is not found "On bike ramp", but from the maid on the second floor in the hotel.
    Satchet and Whipped Cream are found in the southernmost house of the city
    There is a hidden Ether in the rock just north of that house. Not sure if this is the same one mentioned as "on a rock on in the sand area by the water above the woman (hidden)"
    Persim Berries are from a quiz from the girl sitting at the table inside the house just north of the Pokemon Center.
    Rest TM is from the guy, not the girl, in the hotel.
    There's a Pearl that doesn't require Surf - you can walk (and skate, etc.) on the shallow water and get to an "island" to the west, where it's hidden in a rock.

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    I notice for Kalos Route 12, you have Pachirisu in the grass listed as "Almost Never", but my data shows that it shows up nearly half the time.

    My exact data so far in X is:

    I thought I'd start keeping track of data like this so that we can soon have actual percentages rather than those vague phrases. I'm still not convinced that the different flower colors have different encounter rates, so I won't include those yet. This data is normal green grass only.

    Obviously this can go a lot faster and become more accurate if I can aggregate data from other people, so if anyone else wants to send me their data on Pokemon encounters for X let me know!

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