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Thread: Furigana

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    Default Furigana

    So, currently, we tend to display ruby text (such as furigana) as tooltips. This is not the worst way to do it, but I think it is not ideal. Template:Ruby actually allows furigana to be displayed as ruby text, and is implemented on a few pages. We've actually had the template since 2007, it's just not been used.

    Would this be a good thing to use, or should we continue using tooltips? If the latter, should we delete this template?

    Restored Pokémon (TCG) is an example of how it looks.

    If the text is too small, it's also possible to reserve this for infoboxes, where it would often be larger.
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    Default Re: Furigana

    @SnorlaxMonster; Template:Ruby, as it notes right on the template itself, doesn't parse correctly on Firefox without addons. The text that it creates puts the kana in parenthesis after the kanji, which is visually confusing at best. I'd imagine that these technical issues are why the template never found wide-spread use. In my opinion, we're better off using tooltips since they at least display correctly for all of the major browsers.

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    Default Re: Furigana

    Also, the use on Restored Pokémon shouldn't be there. It just hasn't been repaired after someone went around on a ton of auxiliary TCG pages and fiddled with a ton of stuff. PErsonally, I think tooltips are the option we should be using


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