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Thread: Critical capture probs in species template

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    Default Critical capture probs in species template

    I've updated the Catch rate page with new data from UPC, where it details the critical capture mechanic and the effects of Entralink powers. Since we have catch odds at full health with a Poké Ball, perhaps we should have the following in the species template on the same lines:

    * The odds of critical capture with a Poké Ball
    * The odds of capturing the Pokémon in a Poké Ball with a critical capture
    * The odds of all of the above with the +30% Capture Power activated.

    Furthermore, critical capture is dependent of species caught in the Pokédex, so...

    Anyways, let's straw poll for thoughts.

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    Default Re: Critical capture probs in species template

    I think just that one example is enough for the infobox. The most common situation - no abnormal factors affecting it.


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