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    Default Categorize your templates!

    Do it!

    I really shouldn't have to be telling you guys this. Even many veteran users who should know what they're doing still frequently fail to categorize templates they create. This isn't some sort of underground rule that you may not have heard about. All pages on Bulbapedia need to be categorized, including templates.

    There are very general categories for most templates, such as "Sprite templates," "Infobox templates,” and “Color templates.” If you don’t know where something goes or it doesn’t seem to fit into the other categories, put it in “Other templates.” Having our templates categorized is really sort of a big deal. A wiki runs on templates, and they really ought to be organized. So yeah, try to take care of that if you make a new template. Thanks.

    ~ Poli
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    Default Re: Categorize your templates!

    I don't see the reason why you are guilt-tripping everyone because of lack of categorization. The condescending 'tude is tad overboard. Yeah, people should do it; but not doing it isn't the end of the world. It's like getting upset that no one adds inter wiki language links. It's not necessarily required to do these things. Just the same: it is not required to create a complete page. We have templates like the incomplete and stub for a reason, and we also have special pages like unused categories, orphaned pages, pages lacking interwiki language links, and uncategorized templates for the very same reasons. We can't enforce this, and we can't punish those who don't do it. At best, it's a suggestion.
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