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Thread: Bulbapedia: Editing Problem.

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    Unhappy Bulbapedia: Editing Problem.

    Dear Bulbapedia,

    I , Simarut Lapisatepun, the bulbapedia user from Bangkok Thailand,
    is now trying to edit a page. (about Trainer in Unova Region)

    I have joined editing 25 times since I signed up.

    However, at this time,
    I cannot save the page as the next page is went out the whitescreen .....

    I try many times using browsers FireFox, Chrome and IE 11 . But it still does not work, as If I click to watch that page again, it has no change of anything ......

    Is there some trouble on the website .... ?

    SImarut Lapisatepun

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    Default Re: Bulbapedia: Editing Problem.

    @Simarut Lapisatepun; The Bulbawiki Network is currently experiencing technical issues, and they are being looked into. Please read this post.


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