I dislike the idea of listing BP in the position of prize money. People have tried to list TMs there before, and we have rejected that as they are given through separate dialogue after the battle, not during the battle like prize money is. BP is not awarded in the battle screen like prize money, so I do not think it belongs in the same place as prize money.

This gets particularly problematic in the PWT, where we currently have the full amount of BP attached as prizes to every Gym Leader, when you don't get it for each leader you defeat but as a total at the end. Even Frontier Brains have this problem, where we assume that the BP is entirely as a result of defeating them, when you had to battle 6 other Trainers (in most cases) to get to them. BP is not a reward for defeating the last Trainer, it is a reward for defeating all of the Trainers.

Even if we ignore those, PWT gives variable prize money based on tournament, battle mode, and in some cases, the number of Pokemon that haven't fainted. Currently we just put 1BP on every page when it really isn't the case.

While it has always been wrong to put BP there because they are awarded completely differently to prize money, the PWT has made it clear that we simply cannot list it there due to the way it awards BP.