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    Default An article on the Belly

    I'm somewhat surprised that there isn't an article on the Belly in Bulbapedia, since it's a fairly important MD game mechanic. Right now, you'd have to look in the article on Food and Gummis (and other articles on Belly-affecting items) for a vague idea of how it works, and even then it ignores moves that affect Belly (Belly Drum), abilities that affect Belly (Gluttony), IQ skills that affect Belly (Survivalist), status effects that work on Belly (Hungry Pal).

    Odd that there is such am omission...

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    Default Re: An article on the Belly

    There's an omission because the people editing the 'pedia aren't familiar with Mystery Dungeon. That's why it's a wiki: So everyone can edit it. Please don't start more drama about how the admins clearly ~have it out for~ MD information; start an article on the subject, making sure to include enough information to justify why it should be included.


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