Hi Bulbapedia and Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis members,

I'm an administrator of Pokémon Encyclopedia (Simplified Chinese: 神奇宝贝百科, Traditional Chinese: 神奇寶貝百科, Address: wiki.52poke.com), which is a Pokémon wiki in Chinese and a MediaWiki installation. Currently, we have more than 5800 articles so far, covering all Pokémon, moves, abilities, most items, cities, towns, routes, main characters, TCG cards and decks, as well as songs, CDs, anime episodes and manga rounds.

It has been almost two years since our first two attempts here. I'm very glad to witness that we have made much progress in the past two years. After we migrated to MediaWiki on August 2010, we already have more than 138,000 edits, making about 190 per day on average. We believe that we are now ready to be an eligible affiliate of Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis.

There are several remarkable things in the Pokémon Encyclopedia.

We take quality seriously and try our best to make every article conform to our wiki's style and standard by keeping it as accurate and detailed as possible. Due to the lack of official Chinese Pokémon games for the time being, we have a guideline on using Chinese names to ensure the consistency of terminologies used. This requires that all articles to use official names whenever they are available. These names would come from the anime, manga, guidebooks, and official sites.

Similar to the (standard) Chinese Wikipedia, both Simplified and Traditional Chinese users can collaborate smoothly in the Pokémon Encyclopedia. We have active editors from East and Southeast Asian countries, using either of the two Chinese writing systems. Visitors can also toggle their favorite display settings with a click.

We also have good technical experiences. After struggling with multiple gateway errors and exceeding bandwidth limits, our wiki is now running on two healthy virtual servers with the latest stable version of softwares, serving more than 150,000 pageviews each day. There are also several bots assisting us in performing different functions such as writing Pokémon move learnset and replacing text after new Chinese official translations comes out.

Along with the Pokémon franchise itself and eight excellent Pokémon wikis in Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis, our Pokémon Encyclopedia also keeps on growing every day. Running and constructing this wiki is my never-ending dream, and I hope it can join the great alliance someday.

I'm particularly grateful for any support, question, or criticism.