Howdy folks. To make sure you're posting the right topic in the right section, this announcement outlines what should and should NOT be discussed here in the Bulbawiki forum section.

* Suggestions, ideas, and problems (SIP) should go into their respective discussion. For reference, they will be listed here:

* Large suggestions and ideas should get their own topic. Please THINK before you post and ask yourself whether or not your suggestion or idea is big enough for its own topic, and not something that could go in the respective SIP thread.

* Problematic, questionable, unacceptable, and/or annoying advertisements should be reported in our bad ad reporting thread.

* Technical issues with the sites, such as general errors (404, 503, etc), HTML failures, or any other technical issue, problem, or failure can be reported in our site issues thread.

* If you would like to request a template, or a job for wiki bot, you can request it in this thread.

* Any topic related to Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis or Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance.

***Anything unrelated to the Bulbawiki's at all.*** This especially includes:

* Poke Media
** Game help
** Episode discussion
** TCG strategies
** Asking for Manga scans (which is also against the rules of the site)

* Any fandom topic
** Fanart
** Fanfics
** Memes
** Let's Play videos
** Walkthroughs
** Hack games (also against site rules)

* Non-Pokemon related topics
** Politics
** Movies/TV shows
** General social discussion

You get the picture. In short, the Bulbawiki forum is for wiki discussion ONLY. The forums are filled with individual sections to satisfy every topic you want, so PLEASE make sure the topic you wish to discuss is wiki related before posting here.