Formula for accuracy and evasion
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The probability that a move will hit is calculated as follows:

Accuracy calc.png (P=A'Base * Accuracy over Evasion)


A'base is the base accuracy of the move (in percent - e.g. a base accuracy of 95 is counted as 0.95),
Accuracy is the current accuracy stat of the user (in percent - e.g. raising accuracy by three stages raises this number to 3), and
Evasion is the current evasion stat of the target (in percent - e.g. lowering evasion by two stages lowers this number to 0.6).

If P is greater than 1, the move will surely hit. In a Double or Triple Battle, it is possible for a move that targets multiple Pokémon to hit some and miss others—the probabilities are calculated individually for each Pokémon.

This needs a little Clarification on Stage modifiers, two different pages of Accuracy boast 2 different values, and does not treat a +1 modifier or -1 modifier per skill.
Should be Accuracy (in percent - e.g. raising accuracy by three stages raises this number to 3, Lowering by 2 stages lowers to .6) or each -1 modifier reduces the Accuracy by .2, each +1 raises it by 1.
also including the Modifier Example to Accuracy would be Grand
"E.G. P=.95*3/.6, or 4.75, 100% chance to hit.
Inversely, "E.G. If opponent tries to hit a Pokemon, but their Accuracy has been reduced, and the Defending pokemon's Evasion has been increased then : P=.95*.6/3 or 19% chance to hit
if just a lower in 1 stage accuracy, the .95*.8/1 then 76% to hit.

An accuracy table would be nice too.
I would update the wiki, however I am new and do not feel comfortable doing so,
So present this to a Mod for review