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Thread: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    Solid episode. The new Dragon Tail animation is pretty cool. If you look closely Heliolisk's tail becomes covered with dragon scales (it's not just a green glow).

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Ampharos King View Post
    Clemont's in-gym pokemon were ridiculously weak, especially his signature Heliolisk.

    For a Gym Leader that requires challengers to have at least four badges when challenging this gym, Clemont's gym pokemon shouldn't be losing out to recently obtained pokemon like Bunnelby, Serena's Fennekin and Ash's Froakie.
    Fennekin = Nothing, Ember was evaded.

    Froakie = Plot armor, its Keromousse would have not done in any Pokemon in a regular battle at all. It should not be taken at face value as a true measure of their prowess.

    Bunnelby = Won by using Super Effective moves, has been under Clemont's care for a while, smashed Pikachu in episode one and is a Pokemon trained by Clemont, a pretty competent gym leader. There's nothing wrong with it taking down Heliolisk, Bunnelby didn't get hit much in the battle except for three times iirc and ultimately overcame the odds with Double Team/Dig to take home the big win. Not like there could have been any other resolution aside from the bunny taking home the win since I doubt Clemont's leaving his gym as a death trap.

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    This is now officially my favorite main cast. I keep thinking "I wish I had known these people when I was a kid," we would have gotten along great. I love seeing Serena and Bonnie being sisters and Ash and Clemont being bros. This is real tears of joy material.

    I cracked up at Citroid using an arm cannon to launch a Pokeball, something tells me Clemont likes Mega Man games, hahaha. Now I can't help but think the gym logo looks reminiscent of the Dr. Wily logo or the Maverick logo.

    This series is delivering amazingly well with battles, I loved Bunnelby vs. Heliosk. Clemont's battling style is a lot like Ash's, using inventive tactics - fitting for an inventor. I'm really looking forward to seeing the two of them team up in a battle, hopefully we'll see that in next week's episode. Clemont is just awesome all around, he's my favorite male companion.

    Limone seems like a great character, hopefully we'll be seeing more of him as the series goes on. The bit with him trying to ship Clemont with Serena was great. They're not even trying to hide his secret identity, but considering how the flimsiest of disguises can fool anyone in this show I'm thinking it's going to take a while for any of the characters to figure it out.

    I love the balance they've struck between action and character scenes. The episodes are constructed so well.

    Can't wait to see this one subbed.
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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    Okay I rewatched the episode and I got some more of the dialogue I missed the first time around.

    Citron asking permission to travel was UTTERLY PRECIOUS as was Serena telling Limone that she would take care of Eureka (!!! SOOO CUUTE). Their sisterly dynamic is amazing already and we're only on episode 9! Citroid offering to help out around the house was funny too haha.

    Satoshi and Citron's 'battle promise' scene at the end stirred my shipper heart, oh my gah.

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    I'll make a ~proper~ post later when I watch it again but with the subs, so I'll settle with a "Oh boy I hope...!!" post for the moment.

    Maybe when Ash beats Clemont in his gym battle, it would be cool if Clemont would take a gym Pokemon with him, or switch them around like Ash did in BW. Heliolisk seems like it would be a great on his current team. An solo-type trainer needs at least one on his team, and I don't think Dedenne counts as it's Bonnie's in a way and most likely won't be a battler.

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    I don't know whether this was a huge mistake or the best move I could have ever done, but I had the idea to watch all the XY episodes at once, as I didn't watch any of them before yesterday. Now I'm in love with all the characters, Pokémons and Ash included, as they are hijacking my mind at full force.

    Somebody help me ;___;

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    Clemont and Ash are like brothers now! Clemont's blush looked kind of messed up to me (one cheek? why not two?). Clemont is a hero! He's so strong now! Okay it's official Clemont's aren't gonna be footies, no buttons or zipper. So it's either a dreaded nightshirt (Clemont looks weird in a nightshirt in my imagination, so weird I can laugh uncontrollably) or pants and a shirt (that's the most obvious choice because Giovanni had this type of pajamas in the boss fantasies). Clemont reminds me of Giovanni in his pajamas. So Clemont is just a habitual nightcap wearer (he doesn't get cold at all it seems), either it's to make him feel secure or Clemont doesn't like the of messy bedhead in the morning (the nightcap alone will make his hair messy in reality). That was a bad place for Clemont to put his glasses at (on the floor because what if he gets up at night to close Bonnie's window or use the bathroom? won't he accidentally step on them?). Not unless he puts them temporarily to do those tasks. Poor Clemont can't sleep, don't worry he falls asleep soon (I've had my nights where I don't fall asleep until 11:00). Even he looked well rested in the preview, so Clemont just had a late night where he falls asleep later than normal. Okay I have to admit glassesless Clemont is just hot!! First time the anime. One of my friend said his eyes looked like pearls here. But Clemont's eyes always have been beautiful. Well Bonnie and Serena are put at a danger risk, leaving the window open not only makes the room colder it also allows a bad guy to come in or pokemon (animals) (my father told me those). So I can see Clemont getting out of bed to close the window then tucking them in and going back to bed. Why doesn't Clemont have a bed? Just a couch and a air mattress. I don't like how Bonnie and Serena are in the same bed, it's inappropriate (sorry you disagree, my mother has that rule). I didn't like Limone's design but I'm okay. I wanted to see their mother now, I hope they show her later on in the series (it'd be cool if she looked like the scientist class).

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    This episode was pretty good. Clemont and Bonnie's dad sure was amusing the way he was acting in front of them in the beginning and at the end. It was nice to see a background of how Citroid came to be, and what it was originally designed for. The battle was great, I absolutely love how the normal Gym Battle music from the games was used and it really went well with the actual battle.

    The animations for the battle and Dragon Tail were really cool. It was nice to see Fennekin and Froakie get a little bit of action in to help stop the other Gym Pokemon. Heliolisk sure was happy to see Clemont again, they sure have a strong bond it seems. It was funny watching Clemont talk to Citroid at the end of the battle and Citroid was like "huh?". It was nice to see Clemont re-program the robot to work a whole lot better and not be so violent towards challengers and to act more normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_Drifblim View Post
    Okay, all kinds of weird stuff in the animation credits this week:

    - It seems that Kunihiko Natsume was not the Animation Director this week. He was actually the Chief AD. This episode marks his first time, I believe. So in his place...

    -...Toshihito Hirooka was the AD! He's been the series' main Chief AD since BW, so it's quite weird to see him as a regular AD again. I wonder why they switched?

    - Even weirder, Iwane was Assistant AD. That's another first as well.

    - And yep, Tamagwa made his first TV series appearance since BW#42. He drew the scene after the title screen with Citron and Eureka's dad. Wonderful drawings, were they not?

    The animation for the battle was great. I loved that 3D shot of Bunnelby running around Heliolisk. I'm still totally digging (lol) these CGI BGs.
    I never thought that the series would ever have such constantly well animated battles.
    Ruh-roh, Raggy. When you have a Chief Animation Supervisor, Animation Supervisor, and Animation Supervisor Assistant that is usually a sign of the schedule going haywire. Pocket Monster: XY has kept a certain level of quality going longer than OLM could handle. Ack. Then again, Iwane could have been brought on specifically to make sure the action cuts were as good as they could have been, but...hmm...

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    Probably my favorite part was seeing a ground move other then Mud Shot, Mud Bomb, and Dig lol. Perhaps this can finally lead to Earthquake coming back.

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    What's this a Robot in Pokémon?
    I loved the battle and can't wait for Ash's battle with Clemont it'll so epic!
    Oh and Clemont's Dad is Blaziken Mask DUH DUH DUUUHHH!
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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    lol they really made it look like that Ampharos is Clemont's mom or something. Maybe that's his big "secret", after all the yellow hair has to have come form somewhere...

    Anyway, just caught up on the episode and have to say I'm really impressed with the standard of battles for this series, if this is the shape of things to come I'm really excited for how Ash and Clemont's actual Gym Battle will turn out. The part at the end where the group were all bonding was just too cute, they're just such a great, dynamic group.

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    Dragon Tail and Bulldoze had awesome animations imo. And it was nice to see finally the anime debut of the latter move, I've always wondered what it's supposed to look like.

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    Okay, I watched again with the subs, and it was brilliant :D Again, awesome character development regarding Citron, and I am looking forward to Ash's gum battle with him

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    Default Re: XY009: "Capture Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!"

    I'm even more impressed after seeing it subbed. The "let's grow together" stuff has an honesty that I find very refreshing. I love how they pulled that off without seeming forced or cheesy.

    Did anyone else catch the continuity nod with Ash saying "You won't know unless you try" to Clemont? He said the same thing to Gary in a flashback at the Silver Conference. I love details like that.

    I think Ash vs. Clemont has the potential to be the best battle since Ash vs. Paul.

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