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Thread: "Triple Leaders, Team Threats!" Review Thread

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    Default Re: "Triple Leaders, Team Threats!" Review Thread

    Nice episode!!
    Cilan: Nice one Jason!! You made him sound like Sonic!!
    Chili: Not the same actor but he sounds like Barry.
    Cress: Ugg!! I hate his voice!! It's too mature and yucky.

    Now Cress showed his left eye

    Now I'm scared!! phew it's just by accident. He was yelling and threw his hands up. It looks exactly like the other one we always see. Almost most of it but just enough to see the pupil and the iris. I hope that eye hurts from having a second of light exposure (I bet it's unhealthy for that eye to be covered 24/7)/
    Cress was a mature wannabe but can't seem to act mature. And his "Welcome Friends" was just plain creepy, it's like he thinks it's halloween.

    He's just mean in battle. But nice strategies. In one scene he just reminded me of Duplica when he talked like Cilan before Ash used Oshawott.

    All and all nice episode
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    Default Re: "Triple Leaders, Team Threats!" Review Thread

    Pikachu vs. Panpour: Stupid

    Look Iris gives Ash: Lawlsy

    Oshawatt's face at the end of the episode: Priceless!
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