Heading towards Violet City, Ash and company see some Heracross… Ash eager to get one however, a forest ranger shows up and tells them how the forest is in danger.

Meh, a decent episode. I liked how Ash caught Heracross, it has a really awkwardly cute personality that makes it such a likable Pokemon. The fact that the ranger described Heracross as being very strong Pokemon who have very passive behavior was something I actually was interested in. Also the part about the Butterfree and Heracross having a symbiotic relationship like real life animals do. We need more moments like that in this show, Misty being afraid to cross the "bridge" was amusing. Bulbasaur got some focus in this episode and he had some nice interactions with the Heracross. Woodrow was a pretty bland COTD. Going back to Heracross I still liked its bravery during the battle and how it just follows Ash everywhere like a lost puppy. It being his first Johto capture seemed fitting and, iirc, Heracross being attached to the tree is like a small callback to the Headbutt capturing trick in Johto games.

Nothing really standout about this episode aside from Heracross to be honest. It just couldn't hold my attention the whole time. Jessie's reference to IHOP was cool though.