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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Gabriel View Post
    All Gogoat, according to the X version Pokédex.

    Also when did Alexa figure out it has that ability?
    When she first touched Gogoat's horns and it knew that she wanted to get back to where she was camped on the hill - and it did so by hopping back up there with her on its back - as shown in the flashback.
    Well I have Pokemon Y so I wouldn't know a thing about the X version pokedex entries and as for the flashback it does not imply that Alexa immediately realized what Gogoats ability was. On an unrelated note I have a chespin that I would like to trade for a froakie if anyone is interested.

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    Isn't Braviary another of the constellations in the games? I really like how they include little nods to game canon like that without making it overbearing.

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