Ash and gang run into a Donphan, Brock immediately steps up to catch it and then....!

It was an okay episode, nothing very interesting about an elephant looking for a type of rock. I liked seeing Brock step up and try to battle twice this episode and actually try to catch Donphan. It's a shame Ash was being so selfish considering he just got a damn Heracross last episode and Brock needed Donphan more, would have given him some serious muscle and it would have connected back to his Breeder goal. I liked seeing Heracross get focus and get a battle this episode, not like the other Pokemon need battles anyway. The Kanto team have gotten their fair share by this point.

I just realized how boring Heracross moveset is, it's only typical physical ramming move with nothing else. Hopefully that changes soon. Tackle, Endure, Horn Attack meh. Though I did notice Endure's brokenness, either that or Ash underestimated how much damage Heracross could take. Even though he lost I just liked seeing Heracross being used. Rochelle wasn't all that interesting but hey she looked like a hippie which was nice. Misty's Poliwag got to battle Team Rocket alongside Heracross which was welcomed. Team Rocket got some entertaining lines this episode too. Not bad for the first filler of the Johto Journey.