REVIEW: "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 011 Review Thread (Sept 9th, 2012) - Aikawa Rikako
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Thread: "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 011 Review Thread (Sept 9th, 2012) - Aikawa Rikako

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    Default "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 011 Review Thread (Sept 9th, 2012) - Aikawa Rikako

    The opening drama depicts Musashi as a young boy named Bon-Bon and Kojirou as his teacher. Bon-Bon brings his teacher a present - an old Pokemon Zukan toy from the Red and Green days - and tells him to try touching the pictures of the pokemon that appear on its screen. When he does, he's able to hear the cries of the pokemon! After listening to Fushigidane's, Hitokage's, and Zenigame's cries, they see a strange octopus-looking pokemon they've never seen before. They press the button to hear what it sounds like, but...BOOM~!

    After the opening theme, the trio comments on how it's September 9th, or 9/9. Nine Japanese, that can be pronounced kyuu kyuu...there are two kyuus, so...Double Q! Maybe Double Q will bring them something great today!

    Next up, Aikawa Rikako enters the studio.  She starts off by introducing herself by talking really quickly. Aikawa Rikako is known for being able to speak quickly and for excelling at doing tongue twisters and invites the Rocket trio to try a few out. The first one she performs is nama mugi nama gome nama tamago, which she asks Musashi to try. Next, she asks Nyasu to try saying ao makigami aka makigami ki makigami. Finally, she asks Kojirou to try saying a third tongue twister that I didn't quite catch.

    Next, she starts talking about all the dozens of pokemon she's raised. She rummages through the plastic bag that she keeps their Monster Balls in (something the Rocket trio finds hilarious) and brings out Koduck, Zenigame, Butterfree, Rokon, Grandbull, adn others. Ms. Aikawa's most memorable pokemon is Caterpie because it was the first pokemon she "raised." She also talks about doing the voice of Starmie and about how she had trouble keeping it from sounding too "sexy." The Rocket trio brings up the short that aired with this year's movie and how it was the first short in a long time to feature pokemon like Koduck.

    The song they played for this episode was Pokemon Hara Hara Relay, which was also performed by Aikawa Rikako.

    Next, the Rocket trio had another installment of their song intro quiz segment. This week's songs:

    1) Adavance Adventure
    2) Battle Frontier
    3) Challenger
    4) Saikou! Everyday
    5) Type Wild

    The homework for this week was Ashita wa Kitto.

    The show ends with the regular promotional stuff.
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    Default Re: "Pokemon Radio Show!" Episode 011 Review Thread (Sept 9th, 2012) - Aikawa Rikako

    There were an awful lot of laughs during the intro quiz. I love all their laughs. Did anyone catch why Musashi told Kojiro not to cry, and why he said she was strong?

    They're running "Rocket-dan Ai to Seishuu no Genten" on Smash next week. Makes me nervous. >.>
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