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    Default A Meditite Fight review thread!

    aka "Shanamanamanamanamanamanamana Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!" (gives a cookie to anyone who gets this)

    All right, the Rockets have no excuse this time. However, it would have been nice if we'd found out *why* they couldn't get into their sub. "The hatch won't open" isn't an explination.

    How the heck does Shana keep her hair like that? I thought it was tied back, but then we saw a side view and there's no hair tie. Yet it goes inward as though there was...perhaps she trained her hair with a tie and now it takes that shape naturally.

    Speaking of Shana's hair, is that where she keeps her Pokéballs? Because there ain't no room on that outfit for 'em.

    And I noticed Brawley seemed more put off by that she claimed to be one of his assistants than by her claim to be his girlfriend.

    Meditite's head looks like a ice cream swirl. It really does. And now I'm hungry.

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    *copy & paste*

    It was great! Pikachu's battles with Meditite were excellent and really showed Ash's improved strategy. And I gotta say, Shauna is definitely one of the coolest and cutest girls to come along in Pokemon in a LONG time...besides May that is. Shauna ranks right up there with Melody in coolness IMO, but for different reasons. She looks older than Ash and Melody as well, I'd guess her to be about 15-16, even though she's not really much taller than Ash. And Brock didn't flirt with her so she's probably younger than him. Her serious crush on Brawly was really obvious and really cute at the same time.

    And oh yeah, she actually called herself "Shauna the Battle Girl". Very cool.

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    Yeah, this was a pretty good episode! And I always love episodes when Ash has Pokemon battles with people, and this one is no different. But, the fact that this episode was a filler didn't bother me at all, since I knew the next episode would be Ash's rematch against Brawly. Anyway, I liked how Ash was training his Pokemon by using the waves again. That was cool! And I agree with Geodude. I also liked it when Shauna first asked Ash to battle her and she said she was "Shauna the Battle Girl". LOL. Although, I really wanted them to finish that battle, because it looked so good and everything! I don't know why, but it seems like almost all the anime's best non-gym battles are always interrupted by something or just not finished for some reason or another....oh well. It was still cool though! Oh, and I thought it was interesting how Pikachu, and all the wild Pokemon too, knew that the hurricane was coming. That was really cool! ^_^ Oh, and I also thought it was funny how, all of a sudden, Brawly just walked up to Ash and everyone right before the hurricane hit. That sure was perfect timing! And it was really funny how Brawly reacted to Shauna saying that she was his girlfriend and his apprentice! LOL. And of course, another thing I liked about this episode was how they helped all the wild Pokemon and brought them to the cave, so they'd be safe. Aww....how nice! Hehe, and even Team Rocket was good in this episode, or at least tried to be anyway. I mean, I loved how they just hit that cliff or whatever and fell down right in front of everyone and said that they wanted to go the cave too or something. That was funny! And I also liked all the stuff Brawly was saying when they were in the cave. That was cool! And it was really funny how Team Rocket liked it too! But, then, of course at some point in the episode they'd have to go back to their usual selves....oh well, it was good while it lasted. And I liked the part when Ash was going to attack them with Thunderbolt (or was it one of Pikachu's other electric attacks?), and Brawly said that he shouldn't do that (I forgot what the reason was though). But, that was really interesting! Oh yeah, and above everything else in the episode, I loved Ash's real battle with Shauna the best! And I thought it was so cool how Ash and Pikachu kept closing their eyes, and acting as if Meditite was the wave. That was awesome! Oh, and it was so awesome how Ash won the battle! I loved that!! And, it was also great that Brawly let Shauna be his apprentice afterall. That was cool! And I really loved the part when Ash asked Brawly for a rematch, cause then he and Pikachu got so excited and jumped up in the air. That was so funny!! And, oh yeah, it was also funny when Brawly showed everyone where he and Ash were gonna have their rematch. I loved their faces!! And, overall, this was a really great episode that was also very funny as well!

    Rating: 9 out of 10


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