After the Dragon Fang is stolen, Satoshi-tachi decide to go look for it. A figure then appears from the sky!

This was a fun episode, I loved how Lizardon spat a Flamethrower kiss at Satoshi when he landed, memorable character trait. Sieg being friends with Ibuki was pretty cool and I really liked the general interactions at the beginning of the episode with her bringing the Lizardon to the Dragon Holy Land every once in a while. It also furthers my Dragon headcanon of their being differences between Dragons and Dragon-types. Sieg and Ibuki's clothes being similar and them both having extremely weird hair around the same length as well as their height being similar seemed like a nice moment to show they are very similar in a way. Lizardon's moment with Liza-Chan was adorable and shows he formed a crush with her during his time at the Lizafic Valley.

Kairyu was so dang naive and overly nice, it kinda got on my nerves. Team Rocket easily tricked it into doing what they pleased, though I did love the way the fact that he outlived his trainer is brought up. Weird how fit and in shape Kairyu is despite outliving his trainer, still don't quite understand why Dragons are such athletic, powerful, and resilient Pokemon though aside from them being in legends but I like it for the most part.

This episode did a good job of giving some cool back story, balancing multiple events, and building up the plot and you really hit the ground running. Sonasu's countering abilities being put to use for once against Kairyu was nice. Lizardon protecting TR from that Hyper Beam with Flamethrower at the right time was a nice tense moment. I really liked how Kasumi, Ibuki, and Takeshi got to do something mainly using their Pokemon to put out the fire and rescue the Pokemon of the forest. Though I don't quite understand Nyorotono's personality, especially in that situation why it would rather play around than put out the fire. Seemed very weird compared to its personality before, though I still love that amphibian.

Kairyu and Lizardon's pissed off faces were epic, it's was really cool to see two angry Dragon monsters going at it. Kairyu's "Outrage Confusion" was freakishly amazing. Hakuryu and Lizardon tag teaming against Kairyu was probably the best part of the episode for me. I liked how the Kairyu's line ability to control weather is utilized. I do wish Liza-Chan had done more. Pikachu's Thunder, being used with the natural thunder, Kairyu's trapped Hyper Beam, along with Lizardon's Firespin to finally bring Kairyu to its knees really did show how powerful Dragons are as Pokemon, I mean, wow.

Overall it was a fun and a satisfying ending to the Dragon Fang case.