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Thread: "Illusion Confusion" Review Thread

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    Default "Illusion Confusion" Review Thread

    Ash and gang get lost in an illusion forest.

    I actually really liked this episode, it was a really trippy episode in a good way. Hagatha and Nagatha managed to be entertaining COTDs. The scene with the bug Pokemon creeping around Misty, the Dragonite illusion, the many Ash copies, the will-o-wisp it was all entertaining. I liked how Hoothoot had a small quirk with only liking girls. The Gengar and Haunter at the end of the episode being the culprits was fitting but at the same time I figured it would be a trait distinct to the forest, where the forest itself is causing such illusions and not the Pokemon in it. Also, what was up with that Gary appearance? I know it was probably just to have him rile up Ash and spark their rivalry a bit more, but come on now. Appearing for like four minutes? Hoothoot's being so useless up until the end is one of the reasons it was such a fun Pokemon to watch in this episode. Not a bad pseudo-filler episode surprisingly. I also liked how the music at the end A Meeting and Parting played, one of the best sentimental pieces of music in this show without a doubt.

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    Default Re: "Illusion Confusion" Review Thread

    This was one of my favorite episodes growing up. I loved that Hoothoot so much, I was disappointed that Misty didn't get to keep it.

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